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1. 1. 2023

100% recyblable

All paper waste from our production facilities is internally sorted carefully and then recycled. In order to produce recycled paper a new source of fresh paper is needed. Therefore, we sort our waste; in particular kraft materials and white paper are beneficial for recycling. To reduce transport costs to the bare minimum, all four of our printing houses are specially equipped with efficient sorting procedures for packing wastepaper. 


100% recycled

Recycled paper is paper that is reconstituted into paper again, this helps to make the world a little more sustainable. When we use 100% recycled paper, we save valuable resources such as wood, energy and water, and reduce carbon emissions. All paper-based material used for our products is recycled. There is a choice of white GD2 material for printing, or brown semi-kraft paper. 


Lower CO2 emissions

The main source of CO2 emission in our industry is caused by transporting raw materials and ready-made products. We have a unique advantage: thanks to our corrugator, we can produce corrugated flute on site. 

One truck with 24t of paper is equal to 4 trucks of corrugated cardboard. Consequently, our displays are automatically 75% less CO2 compared with those produced by others who need to purchase corrugated flute. In most cases, the ideal flute used for displays is individual, and not the same as those which can be mass produced for fox boxes in millions of sqm. Usually, a standard width of corrugated is used by most producers. 

In order to protect the environment and produce perfect flute for displays more economically, we keep a stock of paper in a variety of widths, and always use standard sizing to avoid waste. A similar arrangement is made with sheet material. We purchase mother reels from paper mills in fully utilized trucks and produce sheets on our own sheet cutter, afterwards rewinding the remains into smaller reels in house. Consequently, no double transport is necessary. We proactively optimize transport of displays in order to fully utilize trucks delivering ready-made products. In collaboration with our customers who are very focused on sustainability, we have achieved significant reduction of transport costs and CO2 emission. 


Water based ink, zero VOC

Water based ink with zero VOC (volatile organic compound, that, in the presence of sunlight, is capable of reacting with nitrogen oxides to form substances that can harm human health or the ozone layer) is used in all four of our production houses. We use it exclusively for billboard printing, but it has also become very popular for display production and other paper prints. 


Zero plastics

Plastic waste is a growing environmental concern for our generation, that is why zero plastics products and/or plastic recycling are key elements helping to solve this waste crisis. We have developed innovative solutions for displays, decorations and outdoor products with zero plastic. We are pleased to support our clients with new solutions as per request and appreciate our growing group of zero plastic products. 


Zero PVC

When plastic has to be used in order to keep the product at a highly functional level, we can offer alternative plastic materials that are less harmful to the environment. It is our unending search for new materials and encourage our suppliers in their innovative approach. 


Lower waste

Avoiding and reducing waste to an absolute minimum is the best way to reduce CO2, VOC, decrease traffic on the roads, and to reduce our customers costs. We have a unique approach due to production of flute on our own corrugator with the choice of varying the width of the roll. Where others have to think about how to use the sheet fully, we never produce a larger sheet than absolutely needed. The same is done in the printing process; we produce sheets of specified sizes on our in-house sheet cutter. We proactively offer innovative solutions to keep waste to a minimum. We analyze each product and compare input and output while working with feedback to keep up on continuous improvement. 

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